In 2009 , TECO (Turkish Energy Company) is renamed as TECO Petrolcülük A.Ş associated with 100% of local capital , by establishing an internalnetwork on top of disturbution of petroleum products,marketing,export/import and storage facilities ,which dates back to 1990’s .Our company has progressed with the amount of more than 300 gas station and storage plant of 32.633 cbm capacity.
TECO Petrolcülük A.S has made a new investment in order to handle the Shipping market , which is called Marine department of TECO , as of February,2015.
TECO Marine has commenced a bunker business to vessels as a physical supplier in country-wide and trading in worldwide basis,with high-qualified and experienced employees.
TECO Marine ,which aims to support a fair,reliable and high-class service , is a member of GYID (Turkish bunker association) and IBIA ( International BUnker Industry Association).

Our Mission

  • To Provide a quality and reliable service to all clients in national and international field,
  • To become a rapid and solution provider,
  • To Promote existed brand value over the World.

Our Vision

  • To take place a dynamic,innovative,sustainable market leader in scope of bunker sector universally and supply optimum conditions based on win-win principle.